What did you get for the holidays?

I got a lot of oil paints, water colors, anything I can paint with. It really helps me focus on something besides the tics. 

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How's school been?

It’s been alright. I’ve been hanging around with Azure the last two months. She’s really nice. :)

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As subtly as possible Azure’s eyes survey the girls. She knows Hannah and she might have seen some of the others around before, but otherwise she hasn’t really talked to anyone, as much as she’d like to claim she has. She’s always forgetting their names and, to be honest, she wouldn’t want to let them in too much. Not with her dad being the way he is.

She hears a noise of frustration and looks over to see a girl with pretty voluminous hair trying to open her locker. To her other side some of the other girls, including Hannah, look like they could be gathering together, but she’s not sure. It could just be their locker placement.

Bored, her eyes move to her phone. No reception, really. She decides to set her stuff down and head out early; nothing about today makes her feel too sure about anything.

Hannah’s tics haven’t been too bad today. She’s been able to pay attention in class for most of her lessons. That was rare for her, most days. There were only about ten students to a class room in this school, and she sat in the back, not wanting to bothering anyone with what was going on with her. 

She unlocked the lock, pulling the metal door open and taking her clothes out. Next to her, Azure had just headed out early. She was a nice girl. Really quiet though, just like she was. 

When she was finished getting dressed, she closed the locker and locked it again, her throat clearing. She ignored it, walking out to join Azure out in the gym. She stepped next to her, smiling. “Hey,” She say, her throat clearing again. 

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